About Me

Sarah Gursoy Heuser is an artist living in SE London. Primarily a printmaker she also teaches Printmaking at Community Education Lewisham. She takes part at Brockley Open Studios and Lee Green Open Studios.  

The prints

Sarah's prints on paper and prints on textiles have equal importance in her practice.

Drawings, photographs and newspaper cuttings are the source materials. 

All prints represented here, woodcuts, lino cuts, screen prints and etchings are individually hand-made by the artist as unique prints (1/1) or in tiny editions.

Images are drawn and cut on the plates by the artist, be they relief, intaglio or screen printing processes. Sarah is always looking for new ways of making prints.

When an image has variations within the edition (an edition variable or EV) we have reproduced each available print so that subtle changes can be compared.